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Parish Office


Annie Chermak, Parish Secretary
509-928-3210 or achermak@dioceseofspokane.org

  Sharon Greany, Business Adminstrator
509-928-3210 x107 or sgreany@dioceseofspokane.org

  Mark VanDriel, Maintenance Supervisor
509-928-3210 x213 or mvandriel@dioceseofspokane.org

Parish Clergy

    Fr. Pat Kerst
509-928-3210 x109 or pkerst@dioceseofspokane.org  


 Fr. Vincent Van Dao Nguyen

509-928-3210 x110 or vdao@dioceseofspokane.org 

  Deacon Mike Miller
509-928-3210 or deaconmike@me.com  

Music Director


Robert Carr, Director of Music 

509-928-3210 ext. 111 or rcarr@dioceseofspokane.org

Religious Education


Margie Booth, Coordinator of Religious Education

509-928-3210 ext 103 or mbooth@dioceseofspokane.org 

St. Mary's Catholic School

  Lauri Nauditt, Principal
509-924-4300 x202 or lnauditt@dioceseofspokane.org

Web Site

    Herb Dierks, Webmaster